Clean Advantage® Marketing Toolkit

Spread the word about your participation in Clean Advantage and promote your company’s commitment to the environment with an annual certificate, bumper stickers, website decal, and press release template.

Annual Certificate & Press Release

Promote the impact your company is making with a customized annual carbon certificate and press release. The Annual Certificate includes the total CO2e emissions offset over the past year, administered by GreenPrint, an environmental technology company and attested to by Ernst & Young (EY).

How it works:

Fill out the form to receive a Press Release template and your Annual Certificate. Feature the customized certificate and press release on your website, or display it in your office. Demonstrate your company’s environmental stewardship, and stand out when bidding for new opportunities. .

Digital Decal


Promote your participation in the Clean Advantage® program. With your help, the Clean Advantage program has offset over 5.5 million metric tons of CO2e emissions over the past 5 years, the equivalent to offsetting nearly 750,000 homes’ annual energy use!

How it Works:

This Clean Advantage® Website Decal can be included on the backend of your website to advertise your participation in the program.

Copy the Code Below:

<img src="" alt="Clean Advantage" style="width:300px; height:300px">

Bumper Sticker

Clean Advantage® Bumper stickers drive awareness that your fleet is 100% carbon neutral and your business is committed to the environment.

How it works:

Fill out the form to receive Clean Advantage® Bumper Stickers for your vehicles.